Monday, 12 January 2015

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Music Video


Final Digipak

Half page Mainstream Ad

Full page Alternative ad

Brighton Video

In which we were tasked with experimenting with different camera techniques and ways of integrating music with video, such as cutting to the beat.





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Music Video


Album Cover
Half-page Mainstream Magazine Advertisement
Full Page Alternative Magazine Advertisement

Brighton Video


The link to the group response to question 3:

Research and Planning


Song Moodboard

Technical Analysis

Semiotics of a Music Video

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Music Video
Rough Cut
Risk Assessment

Pitch and pitch contribution
Audience research:
Contextual research:

Research and Analysis- This includes links to my moodboard, concepts, music video deconstructions and my technical analysis.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

GW: Evaluation


This is my individual evaluation of the music video, print work and technology usage.

Group Evaluation of Audience Research

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

AD: Individual contribution to post-production

Printwork - Digipak and Alternative Print-ad

The main construction of the digipak was simple in itself, though it was clear that some level of understanding of Photoshop's limitations and capabilities was needed to create complete and successful digipak and advertisements. I  was tasked with finishing the final piece of digipak printwork, after Gwen's initial rough edit, as the rest of the group were not as experienced in the usage of photoshop.

Nonetheless, I frequently asked the group for their verdict on the digipak, as to make it more of a group effort. This was also to introduce critical eyes upon the digipak, as it was difficult to maintain the creative edge by myself.

Reshoots and Filming

When we began editing, it became clear that we were missing some footage to "fill out the gaps" in the music video. Thus, I was tasked with shooting the scenes that we needed to finish the music video, as planning for everyone to come along to the location and shoot required too much time that we simply did not have. On this, I collaborated with Isaac (who had shot the majority of the video) to ensure that the shots were similar to what we had filmed in the kitchen sequence. As a result of this, when I shot the sequence, it turned out well for a one-man job (Shown below).

(GIF is shown in this size as to preserve quality)


This was mainly in connection to the reshoot, helping our main editor, Georgia, identify the best shots to use in the final edit, as I had shot the same shots three times to make sure that we would get some shots to choose from. Together, we constructed the rough cut of the bedroom sequence. I also reviewed the kitchen scene for areas that were either unnecessary or broke the flow of the video. This shaved off some of the space needed on the timeline to add the re-shot footage.

IH: Contribution to Post Production

I worked with Georgia almost every lesson during the editing process, often taking turns to do the rough and final editing, helping each other through technical issues such as the lag delay towards the end of the editing where the computer was becoming overloaded with data and was impossible to edit on. Specifically, I did the majority of the rough cut for the outdoor scene in the day and Georgia did the fine editing, such as timings of cuts in relation to music etc. I then did the fine editing for the outdoor scene at night, as well as time rearranging during the kitchen scene and some minor fine editing in the bedroom. I also colour corrected the entire project using DaVinci Resolve Lite.

I volunteered multiple ideas for the digipak, and took the images for the album cover and half page spread using my Canon 600D. Furthermore I took the image on the front pane of the front cover, colour corrected it, applied various burn/dodge effects to enhance the interesting light on his face, organised the text and then sent it to Alex for adding to the final cover. I was involved with the half page spread as I applied some various corrections to it after Gwen created the concept, draft and essentially completed it. I aligned text, changed various fonts and colouring using downloaded plugins, and changed the formatting of the text.