Thursday, 16 October 2014

A2G3: Linking to Lorde

One point highlighted after our pitch was that it was unclear exactly how our video idea links to the artist, Lorde.
Lorde doesn't do overly commercialised videos, and many of them encapsulate the idea of music videos as art, not as an advert or porn. For example, the video for Tennis Court is a very simple one-shot, intended as a metaphor for celebrity.

It is a critique of the world, and, considering the fact that our Video idea represents a wider issue, and demonstrates to some extent a level of brokenness in the world- the boy tries to escape just like many of us do, though he uses toys and imagination, this links to Lorde's image. The parents are consuming alcohol and cigarettes to help them deal with their worlds and the teenagers rebel in a last desperate hope.

Jonah Weiner, a critic, also noted the typical themes of teen pop music, including "social anxiety, romantic yearning, debilitating ennui [and] booze-soaked ragers." are present in Lorde's music. We address the ennui and alcoholism in the background of the video, whilst bringing the escapism and imagination of the child to the foreground. She often has a short story structure to her lyrics, which we will represent through the short story within our video.

The meta-narrative of Lorde as an artist is one of doing things differently. She has a very unique voice, with haunting tones, especially considering her age. The singer makes the point that she wishes that she did not have to do interviews or videos in order to promote her work- which has in some sense worked, as she managed to get to a #1 position on the alternative chart without either. Renowned for her blunt mannerisms during interviews, which includes commenting harshly on some other artists, Lorde is not the typical 'teen sensation'. Our video, therefore, does not act as a marketing tool and also does not solely represent youth culture, as many others by somewhat similar artists do. 

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